What is this about?

The plan:

We organise Welcome Dinner“ in Lüneburg. Citizens invite refugees and immigrants to their home for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The idea:

Refugees and immigrants who are new in Lüneburg do not easily get to know locals, let alone their homes. Many locals would like to welcome refugees and immigrants but they do not know how, or have little time to get involved. An invitation to one’s home to share food is something personal and a gesture of friendship and hospitality.

Who we are:

We are Tabea, Oli, Kati, Matthias, Rike, Hannah and Anna. We live in Lüneburg and would like to make our home a welcoming city. We are inspired by the Welcome Dinner in Hamburg which, in turn, is on a Swedish idea.

Click here to get to Hamburg’s page and here to visit Ebba’s Swedish invitationsdepartementet“.

Many cities offer Welcome Dinner

There is no Welcome Dinner project in your City and you would like to start that there? Please contact us, we are more than happy to share our learnings with you: welcomedinnerlg (at) gmail. com

Hamburg www.welcome-dinner.de

Berlin www.facebook.com/welcomedinnerberlin

Stuttgart www.facebook.com/WelcomeDinnerStuttgart

Mainz www.facebook.com/welcomedinnermainz

Jena www.facebook.com/welcomedinnerjena

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