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you help to welcome new people in our city – thank you!

With your registration you invite refugees or immigrants to have a unique welcome dinner, a brunch or a coffee. There are no further duties. Below you simply mention your preferred date , please keep it free after registration. We will contact you a few days in advance and send you the name and phone number of your guests.

We wish you lots of fun and a great international meeting!

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We have your address without asking further. You speak only with the guest and then decide for yourself which contact details you want to give out .

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In some cultures, certain constellations are difficult, for example, when a man invites a woman to eat. We would like to search for you guests, with which you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable evening. But it would be good to know who will be on your side here.

How many friends or your children are allowed to bring guests a maximum of?

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Is it possible to pick up and bring back its guests?

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